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«Весёлое путешествие» (Jolly Voyage)
18.04.2014, 14:57

Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку
«Весёлое путешествие» (Jolly Voyage)
1. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! We are glad to see! Today we’ll go to the banks of the UK and the USA.
2. On the board of our ship there are the delegations of different countries: Great Britain, America and the students of our school. We hope our voyage will be interesting and funny.
3. We’ll sing to the English and American songs, learn interesting things about these countries and their traditions.
So, we’ll start!
And the first country on our way is England.
(Звучит музыка)
Под сенью лондонских туманов
Прошли века, идут года.
И люди удивляются безмерно
текучести законов и традиций,
Которые когда-то умирали,
Которые о чём-то говорили-
Сегодня настороженно молчат.

О, Англия! Владычица морей,
Туманный остров вековых загадок,
Где прошлое всечасно прорастает 
Сквозь веком вскормленную новизну:
Куда ушли сокровища колоний,-
Веками запасённые богатства.
О чём вещают голоса Биг Бена,
Когда в эфире голос БиБиСи.
Yes, England is the country of sightseeings, frogs and rains.
And, of course, it is a country of wonderful folk music. And we’ll ask our British friends to sing a well-known song.
(“My Bonnie”)
Everybody knows that British people are proud of their traditions. Fire-places and old castles with ghosts, changing the guards in London and Highland games in Scotland, porridge for breakfast and tea many times a day…
And you know, nothing can beat British holidays, celebrated for hundreds of years..
Oh, I’ve learned a lot about them! For example, the most popular holiday there is Christmas. On Christmas Eve everybody puts their presents under the Christmas tree. People say, that at night Santa Claus puts presents into the stockings which children hang on their beds.
   The traditional Christmas meal is a roast turkey and a Christmas pudding.
And I know that at Easter they eat chocolate Easter eggs. Sometimes parents hide them in the house or in the garden and the children look for them.
But to my mind, Halloween is better compared to others.
(звучит  музыка, ученик читает стихотворение)

“October”(by John Updike)
The month is amber,
Cold and brown.
Blue ghosts of smoke
Float through the town.

Greet V’s of gees
Honk overhead,
And maples turn
A fiery red.

Frost bites the lawn,
The stars are slits
In a black cat’s eyes
Before she spits.

At last small witches,
Goblins, hags,
and pirates armed
With paper bags.

Their costumes hinged
On safety pins,
Go haunt a night
Of pumpkin grins.
(На сцене появляются ведьмы, исполняют танец)
-The main witch:
Hi, witches, devils, vampires!
Good evening, dear goblins, mermaids, ghosts and other evil spirits!
Keep quiet for a minute, will you? Keep your ears open so that everybody  can hear a bat fly, a leaf fall down from a tree, or a mouse rustle in dry grass.
And now! We’ve gathered here to celebrate the most important holiday-Hallowe’en and to tell one another what we have been doing this year.
What are your achivements, my dear?
(Шум, каждая ведьма рассказывает о своём)
Появляется Jack O’Lantern.
-The main witch:
Oh, I see that Jack O’Lantern is here!
-Jack O’Lantern:
Of course, I’m here. And here is also my lanter made from a pumpkin.
   When I was nice and young I used to play practical jokes on the devil and I’m punished for it. I’m not permited to enter heaven and have to walk on and on over the Earth. As you see, my story is very sad.
-Koshchey Bessmertny:
Your story is sad? You don’t know about mine…
-The main witch:
Who are you? Where are you from?
-Koshchey Bessmertny:
I’m Koshchey Bessmertny. I have been living in the Russian fairy tales for hundreds of years. I’m so old, I’m almost disabled, but I Fight against good and I want to see all the witches and wizards happy.I want All of you to enjoy the party.
-The main witch:
Thank you!
Появляется Баба Яга с гармошкой. Поёт, танцует. Вместе с ней танцуют все ведьмы.
Растяни меха, гармошка!
Эх, играй, наяривай!
Пой частушки, Бабка Ёшка,
Пой, не разговаривай!
-The main witch:
Who is it, I wonder?
-Koshchey Bessmertny:
Oh, don’t worry! This is my girl-friend Baba Yaga. She is my love, we have been living together for many-many years! She can’t speak English, she even doesn’t know Russian properly. But she is a real witch.
(Утягивает Бабу Ягу к себе)
-The main witch:
OK! We are glad to see her too!
But where are my young but promising helpers? Little Devils, where are you?
(Появляются чертенята)
Hallo! Here we are!
I’m a Junior Mischief Maker! 
And I’m a Bachelor of Dirty Tricks!
And I’m a Master of Dirty Tricks!
I’m the devil of bad behavior. I don’t like quiet and polite children.I like to make people naughty and rude.
I’m the devil of bad moods. I hate optimists, I like when people cry!
And I like all these tricks!
-The main witch:
Nice of you! 
You see, our future will be wonderful if we have so promising children!
The first witch:
The devils are really good, but don’t forget about their teachers.
It’s me who made a nice lovely girl Clementine fall into the foaming brine. Do you know this story?
-The main witch:
Of course, we do! It has become a legend.
(Поют песню «Климентина»)
Well, my dear! Not a single meeting of the type can do without fortune telling. Do you want to know about your future? It is in my bag! Take it!
(раздаёт предсказания)
Take these nuts but try not to eat your fortune.
Everybody knows that we, witches, are powerful and can do a lot of harmful things.
We feel pleased when children disobey their parents and are naughty.
We are thrilled with joy when they lie!
We teach children to be bad! We do a lot of harmful things to the people.
We are horrible, but without us the world would be uninteresting and boring.
And you’d have no need to fight with bad habits and evil. And then you’d never be winners in this fight!
We would never learn what is good, if we didn’t know what is bad.

-The main witch:
It’s time for us to go away. But we’ll come again in a year.
2 ведущий:
And now, ladies and gentlemen, we are sailing up to the coast of England.
3.Oh, I see many white birds. What are they?
1. Swans!
2. Swans?
3.How many!
1. Вы знаете, что лебеди пользуются на Британских островах не только всеобщей любовью, но и королевской защитой. Существует такая легенда.
(Звучит музыка. Ведущий рассказывает легенду о королевских лебедях.)
It’s a very interesting and romantic legend. But now we are in Ireland. And from here we’ll start our way to the USA.
I can’t but think about a sad story of “Titanic” that started its way from here. The song from this film is known all over the world. Let’s listen to it!
(исполняется песня из фильма «Титаник»)
Let’s hope that our voyage will not be so sad..
Oh, I see a statue of Liberty which meets all travellers coming from the ocean. Many-many years ago “The Beatles” came here from Britain.
(Звучит песня группы Битлз)
When we say “the USA”, I think about vast plains and high rocks, canyons and prairies.
And of course we imagine cowboys riding their horses, saloons and country music.
Yes, you are right. And do you know that one of the most popular songs in this style is “Oh, Susanna”? Our friends from the USA can sing it just now.
People say “Every country has its customs”. To learn about all of them, you need to live there for a long time.
Some day we’ll come to the USA and Great Britain again.
And have interesting excursions, fascinating meetings and many new friends.
(Все исполняют песню «Старые добрые времена»)



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