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Урок «Защита окружающей среды» 8 класс
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 Урок по теме «Защита окружающей среды»  8 класс


Цели урока:



- актуализация  изученного материала по теме,

 - введение и первичное закрепление новой лексики,

 - практика в аудировании, групповой и парной работе по теме, составлении коротких сообщений.


- формирование речевой компетенции,

- расширение общего кругозора учащихся, их словарного запаса.

3. Воспитательная:

- прививать учащимся чувство любви и бережного отношения к окружающей среде, чувство ответственности за место, где они живут, воспитывать активную жизненную позицию.

4. Развивающая:

- развивать познавательную и творческую активность учащихся на уроке, критическое мышление, а также способность к продуктивным речевым действиям и языковой догадке.

Оборудование: мультимедийная презентация, проектор.


Этап урока

Деятельность учителя

Деятельность учащихся

1.Организационный момент

Слайд 1


Good morning, boys and girls! Good morning, everybody! I’m glad to see you!

Are you fine? Ready to work? Then we’ll start.


At our lesson we are going to read, write and, of course, to speak. About what? Try to guess!


2.Постановка цели урока

Look at the screen.


Слайд 2

It’s the Earth, our blue planet. In that way it is seen from space. It’s so glorious!


Слайд 3

In that way we are used to see it every day, because it’s our native district, our Motherland. Everything is so clean and fresh here, isn’t it?

Слайд 4

But perhaps in some years we’ll see it only in that way. It’s the result of our human activity.


Can you name the theme of our lesson? Any ideas?


You are right. We’ll speak about nature pollution.


All people understand the importance of the problem.


Слайд 5

That’s why this year was proclaimed as a year of the environment protection. And on that day, 55 years ago, The World Conservation Union, was formed to protect the planet.


I suggest you at least for these lesson to join the Union and answer the questions:


Слайд 6

How to save the planet?

What can each of us  personally do ?


Просмотр слайдов, аудирование.









Определение темы и целей урока.

3. Отработка фонетических навыков (работа с лексикой предыдущих уроков)


Слайд 7

We’ll start our work with some helpful words.

-Read them after me, please.


-And now, will you divide them into two categories: PROBLEMS and SOLUTION


Work in pairs, you have 1-2 minutes


Are you ready? So, let’s name all the problems.

What about their solution?


Работа в парах по карточкам






4. Основная часть урока.

Обсуждение проблем нашего региона.

So, we see, the main eco problems are:

(карточки с названием проблем на доску)


Слайд 8

We live in a very beautiful place with clean water, fresh air and breathtaking landscapes.


But do we face (have) any eco problems too?

Let’s name them. We’ll do it in a form of a claster.

Do you know how to make it?

(Составление кластера)


Слайд 9


These pictures will help us.










Divide into 2 Groups of 5

5.Работа с текстом стр.50-51

You see that forests, rivers and fields are polluted with litter.

You see, It’s a separate problem.

Why so much of it?

I suggest you to discuss this question.


Слайд 10

For that we’ll need some new words.


Слайд 11


-Read them after me, please!


Слайд 12



  • Nature pollution must be strictly prohibited!
  • Most of rubbish can be recycled.
  • We don’t need recycling centers in our district.
  • If we throw litter away, we damage nature.
  • You can drop litter in any place you like.
  • We must throw litter only in a litter bin.
  • If we want to make our district attractive, we must clear garbage away.
  • A lot of packaging means a lot of waste.
  • Metal cans in forests and fields are not dangerous for animals.



Слайд 13

And now we’ll open the books at page 51.Look at the pictures and the titles of the texts and name the reasons for littering.


At home you’ll read the texts and get a lot of interesting information.



Let’s add information to our claster.

Слайд 14

You see littering is a great problem nowadays.

How to stop it?



After a short rest we’ll discuss how we can improve the situation! And now let’s have a short rest.

Слайд 15

































-добавление информации в кластер.


Выдвигают предположения по картинкам




Рефлексия, выполнение творческих заданий.


 Слайд 16

Future is in our hands


I suggest you to make a contract with nature and write what you can do to protect it. Agree? So, let’s do it.

(Alive Planet, The Earth Flower….)


Слайд 17

I’m sure, you’ll always be nature’s faithful friends and do everything to make our district the better place to live in!








Выполняют проект


Оценка урока

Три орбиты:( Выбирают свою, прикрепляют планетку)

      1. I have known all these before. There was nothing interesting at the lesson.

  1. It was interesting to learn something new at the lesson.

3.It was interesting and I’d like to know more about it!



      Презентация к уроку                                 



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