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Олимпиада по английскому языку 7-8 класс
03.08.2014, 09:22

Олимпиада по английскому языку 7-8 класс.


1.Read the letter and choose

the right alternatives

Dear Ann,

I’m glad that you can come to Aberdeen in July. I’m sure you … (1) like it here. I expect you’ll find it … (2) difficult to understand us in Scotland. We speak English, of course, but with a Scottish accent. We … (3) our own Scottish language, Gaelic. I can’t speak it. It’s very old and very difficult. Some people in the Western Highlands and … (4) the Western Isles still speak it. 

Let me tell you a few things about Aberdeen. It’s the third largest city in Scotland after Edinburgh and Glasgow. It’s famous … (5) an oil town because there are a lot of oil rigs in … (6) North Sea. But don’t worry, the beaches are clean. You won’t be covered in oil whenyou … (7) out of the sea. We live in a detached house not far … (8) the centre. It’s about twenty minutes … (9) bus. I’ve got a sister.She’s quite nice.

Well, I hope this information is interesting for you.

Please write back and … (10) me about your family.

Love, Fiona.


1.A) will B) are liking C) going to

2.A) little B) a little C) a few

3. A) have also B) have too C) also have

4.A) on B) at C) out

5.A) as B) like C) with

6.A) a B) the C) no article

7. A) would comeB) will come C) come

8.A) near B) from C) at

9.A) by B) on C) in

10.A) say B) tell C) say to


2.Choose the appropriate modal verbs

11. I … remember her address.

A) can’t B) should to C) ought

12. I was pushing the door with all might – but it … open!

A) shouldn’t B) wouldn’t C) hadn’t

13. He sees very poorly. He … wear glasses all the time.

A) has to B) ought C) can

14. The painting … be a masterpiece, but the colours are


A) ought not B) may not C) must not

15. I will be worried, so you … phone me every evening.

A) must B) have C) should to

16. To save money you … take a sandwich to eat on the train.

A) must to B) ought C) should

17. We’re going to this performance! I … buy two tickets at

a very ridiculous price!

A) might have B) was able to C) could to

18. It’s Sunday tomorrow and we … to go to school.

A) mustn’t B) shouldn’t C) don’t have

19. You’ve broken my cup. You … it!

A) needn’t take B) didn’t need to take C) needn’t have taken

20. It’s impossible! He … have taken the money!

A) was going to B) can’t C) have to


3.Select the word closest in meaning

to the one underlined

21. Is he good at solving problems?

A) dealing with B) deciding C) coping

22. We’ve bought a new stove recently.

A) cook B) cooker C) plant

23. She was vague about her plans.

A) definite B) plain C) uncertain

24. The kids seemed to be sleeping.

A) emerged B) appeared C) thought

25. The journey was very tiring.

A) exhausted B) exasperating C) exhausting

26. He couldn’t put up with it any longer.

A) remember B) bear C) explain

27. The criminal was sent to prison.

A) janitor B) jail C) jet

28. John is a real underdog.

A) winner B) failure C) pet

29. Tim failed to accomplish the task.

A) to fulfil B) to enlist C) to designate

30. I’ll give you some useful advice.

A) tips B) sentences C) orders


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